The Rug Merchant Story

The Rug Merchant

Evansville’s largest Oriental and Area Rug Store for 4 decades

My name is Terry Lewis and I founded Midwest Carpet Supply in January 1970. In January 1979 I was at the Carpet Market in Chicago which was, at that time, run consecutively with the International Rug Market. After purchasing the carpet for Midwest Carpet Supply, I wandered up to the floors with the Hand-made rugs and immediately fell in love! Even though I had been in the floor covering business for almost 10 years, because Oriental Rugs are vastly different than carpet or even Machine woven goods, I spent the next year learning about Hand-made rugs from several well known and successful rug retailers from all over the Midwest, as well as traveling to the countries that actually make the rugs! Although I knew a lot about carpet, there was SO much to know and learn about true, Oriental Carpets that it was January of 1980 before I opened The Rug Merchant division. I wanted consumers and designers to have a LOCAL venue for all types of area rugs. Over 30 years later, The Rug Merchant has grown to be in the top 10% in size of all area rug stores in the United States. We are proud of our growth and want you to be a part of it.

The Rug Merchant Advantage

Here at The Rug Merchant, exceptional service is our goal for each and every customer we serve. Some advantages we offer include:

FREE In-Home Rug Trials
Certified Rug Repair & Restoration
Certified Rug Appraisals

Customer Satisfaction

Behind the service and selection, beneath the surface of patterns and styles, lies a deep passion for the product we offer you. Here at The Rug Merchant, we want to know everything about rugs. Our highly trained staff never stops learning and are continually on the lookout for the latest looks and lasting values. Their knowledge goes beyond flooring fashion to encompass a thorough understanding of wear and performance.
When you come into The Rug Merchant to purchase a rug, you will receive expert guidance, ensuring you’ll make wise choices, as well as beautiful ones. Here at The Rug Merchant, every rug weaves its own story. Some are hand woven in the Himalayas; while others are machine-made with state-of-the-art precision. All of our rugs bring a world of beauty at your feet and into your home.

The Rug Merchant Price Guarantee

At The Rug Merchant, we guarantee that we will beat any advertised internet or local pricing with our every day prices. Every Oriental Rug and Area Rug is clearly marked with our prices. We don’t have to change our prices to be lower than other stores, we have been in business long enough that our prices from the rug suppliers are the lowest available, and we pass these savings on to our customers. Many rugs may LOOK alike yet they are not the same quality as First Quality goods. That being said, this guarantee excludes discontinued or 2nd quality goods.

Refund & Return Policy

We understand the importance of seeing our products in your home to assist in making your final selection. ¬†However, we do experience some abuse of this privilege. Therefore all rugs “On Approval” must be¬†returned within 3 days for a full refund in the manner in which they were paid. All rugs returned after 3 days will be given full store credit.

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