Rug Merchant is Where Customer Needs Come First

What if there was a rug company

where customer needs come first, treating them as partners, instead of just like a number?

What if this company had almost unlimited choices in rugs to fit its customers style, colors and budget?

What if this company introduced new products with only their customers’ needs in mind, instead of their own?

What if this same company sold the highest quality products at the most exceptional value?

Rug Merchant, customers

Could a company like that exist? Could a company like that even survive?

Yes. It does and it has. That company is The Rug Merchant.

Rug Merchant Customers are Partners, not Numbers

For over four decades our unique approach to selling rugs has been to treat our customers as partners and a valuable part of the decision making process when we select our inventory of rugs.

The Rug Merchant has long-standing relationships with our rug suppliers. In some cases, our relationships with these suppliers are well into their second generation. Our strong ties with these family businesses allow us the freedom to hand pick the very best rugs at the very best price from each company. And after 40 years, we are unsurpassed with quality, choice and value. We never compromise quality when meeting the needs of our customers’ budget.

So why buy rugs from The Rug Merchant, rather than somewhere else?

It would be easy to say you should buy from us because we’re an honest, long-standing family business with an impeccable reputation.

But that’s not all.

We hold all of our customers in the highest esteem, whether you spend $10 or $10,000. When your rugs come from The Rug Merchant you can always rest assured that we stand behind our rugs and your needs will always come first.

Contact us to find out more, and come in for a visit.