What can your rug do for you?

Did you know rugs serve a specific purpose? While there are many beautiful area rugs in the market, they aren’t just accessories. Here are just a few ways area rugs can improve your space.

  1. Area rugs define your area. Area rugs are meant to bring your space together. For instance, a living room typically has a couch, coffee table, and maybe a chair or two. To place an area rug big enough for just the coffee table to sit on doesn’t serve purpose to your space. Using a larger rug, one that, at the very least, rests in front of the furniture gives the space a more defined sense of purpose.


2.Area rugs reduce noise. Have you ever replaced your carpet with hardwood and noticed your space being much louder? That’s because hard surfaces reflect sound. Area rugs help to absorb the noise so your home can be a quieter, more peaceful living space. Perfect for households with children or pets!




3.Area rugs provide warmth. Simply put, area rugs keep your feet nice and warm and protect them from the cold, hard wooden or tile surfaces.



4.Area rugs protect your floors! I know what your thinking, “I just spent a ton of money on my beautiful floors. I don’t want to cover them up with an area rug!” Trust us, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by preserving your floors with an area rug, while also adding a pop of style!









So, you see. Area rugs are NOT just accessories. They’re NECESSITIES.