Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

The Rug Merchant has been in the rug business for over 45 years, and we know that buying an area rug can be an investment. That’s why we put such an emphasis on educating our customers; not only on what kind of rug to buy, but also how to take care of it.   Because, no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on floor coverings just for them to wear out in a couple of years.

What’s one of the most effective ways to keep your area rugs clean on a day to day basis? Vacuuming, of course! But are you vacuuming your rug correctly?

Most vacuums have a few different settings. You can choose to use them on hardwood, tile, low pile, or high pile area rugs.  Depending on which option you choose, your vacuums beater bar will move up or down. The beater bar is designed to work cohesively with the suction of the vacuum to gently sweep any debris up into the suction hose. Beater bars should only be used on hard surfaces and low nap carpets and area rugs. If you have an area rug with large loops or a higher pile, make sure to adjust your vacuum to insure the beat bar won’t pull the yarn.  Over time, this will damage the rug.

Never vacuum over fringe! This will quickly damage the ends of your area rug. To remove dust or dirt from fringe, simply use the brush attachment.