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If you love rugs and want something truly unique, The Rug Merchant offers a world-class selection of Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental Rugs. From the smallest 2’x2’, to room size masterpieces, The Rug Merchant has your dream rug ready to discover.

With certified rug appraisers with over 20 years of experience on staff, we seek out the most beautiful and unique antique rugs available. Our expert knowledge helps identify age, style, and construction details down to where they were made. This extraordinary eye for quality also allows us insight into what rugs are not antique, as some looms are now weaving rugs to look antique by shearing them down to almost threadbare heights. Only certified rug appraisers (CRA) like those on our team know what colors and weaves make up antique rugs at certain times of their life. As many antiques are very valuable, we always recommend trusting an antique rug expert when you purchase an antique rug.

Antique rugs bring a touch of history to your home or business. The timeless, artisanal nature of these pieces offer glimpses into the past, with styles and techniques reflecting the height of rug making when they were first loomed. With a stock spanning over a century of spectacular craftsmanship, The Rug Merchant team is ready to help you find your perfect masterpiece.

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