Man sewing the rug

Discover the Perfect Rug

with Our PERSONALIZED In-Home Consultation Service

Our in-home consultation service is perfect if you’re ready to buy a rug but would appreciate help picking the right one from all the many styles and sizes available. Our experts will visit your home, walk you through a detailed discussion about your personal aesthetic, desires for the space, and your preferences in rug styles and textures.

During the visit, you don’t have to do anything! We’ll take precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your space. After the in-home consultation is over, we’ll schedule a one-on-one appointment at our store to explore our extensive inventory and select rugs for a free trial in your home. This service also includes complimentary delivery and installation of the chosen rugs and rug pads, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

The best part? The $250 value of our personalized in-home rug consultation will be put towards the cost of whichever rug you decide to purchase!

“I highly recommend The Rug Merchant’s in-home consultation. I love my rug more and more every day! It saved me so much time and gave me confidence in my purchase being able to show Emily my space and get her expert recommendations. After looking through my favorites in their store, the team brought my top three choices to my home. They even measured everything for me! As someone who easily gets overwhelmed by too many options, I truly appreciated the expert advice—but I also valued how they respected my preferences as a customer. Thank you for making my experience both fun and effortless!”

– Alissa, Customer of The Rug Merchant

  • Personalized In-Home Consultation: An expert from The Rug Merchant visits your home to discuss your aesthetic preferences and space requirements.

  • Detailed Space Analysis: We provide precise measurements to ensure the perfect rug fit.

  • Follow-Up Store Appointment: Schedule a visit to our store to explore our extensive rug inventory.

  • Free Trial: Select rugs to try out in your home without any initial purchase commitment.

  • Complimentary Delivery and Installation: We handle the delivery and setup of your chosen rugs and rug pads.

  • Credit Towards Purchase: The $250 value of the consultation is credited towards the purchase of any rug of any value.