Rugs are the perfect way to add character, texture, color, and style to any space within your home. Whether you prefer vintage, minimalist, or modern styles, there is always an option that will fit any aesthetic. Although many rugs can transition to different styles over time, there are always a few trending styles.  This year, we are seeing a move away from solids and adding more bold patterns, textures, and colors. 

Learn more about three of the top rug trends making waves now through the remainder of 2024.

Vintage Styles 

Vintage pieces (not only rugs) have been on the rise – classic options that will always provide timeless beauty. Even in a minimalist home, vintage rugs offer a certain charm and character that a modern rug can’t achieve. Most vintage rugs lean warmer with deep reds, browns, and blues, but they can also be found in beautiful pale tones, like creams, tans, and ivories. 

Irregular Shapes and Sizes 

One of the best ways to add interest and personality to your space is by adding unexpected pieces, like animal hide or irregularly shaped rugs. These distinctive rug designs introduce an element of playfulness that’s appreciated in maximalist living environments. Plus, they are a perfect conversation starter! 

Neutral Tones

Although vibrant + bold rugs add dimension and interest, they’re not always for everyone! Luckily, softer materials and shades are also going strong for the year. “I’m seeing a lot of browns, creams, tans, and ivories used a lot lately, especially with jute braided natural fiber rugs,” says Jeendanie Lorthe, an interior design expert and founder of By Danie Interiors. The beauty of this trend is that it lends itself to a variety of textures that can easily be layered with more intricate patterns + textures or timeless vintage pieces.

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