The allure of a “going-out-of-business” sale is tempting, with the promise of unbeatable deals and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to purchase rugs for the lowest possible price. However, these sales are typically not as glamorous as they sound. And one thing we hate to see is a customer paying more for a rug than what it is truly worth. Let’s review some of the main things to be wary of when shopping these sales. 

Haggling: Many of these sales rely on verbal negotiations between you and the seller. What may seem like a fantastic sale may just be the result of an inflated price point, leaving the customer feeling as if they saved money on a high-quality product when it was originally overpriced, to begin with. 

Abundance of discounted products: For someone looking to acquire a discount, it may seem desirable to find an abundance of products to choose from – but quantity does not always equate to quality. During many going-out-of-business sales, sellers will fill their showrooms with items that may be outdated or old merchandise to draw in buyers. We know that when it comes to rug shopping, our customers desire something that speaks to their unique aesthetic, and that is why quality and style matter. 

Transparency: Even during a sale, sellers should be able to provide transparency about the origin and quality of their rugs. Doing so helps empower customers to make informed decisions, ensuring that they are not only receiving a discounted price but also a rug that truly fits their needs. 

Going out of business sales may sound enticing, but it is critical to approach them with discernment. Don’t be swayed by the volume of rugs or the promise of a discount. Instead, be proactive, ask questions, and seek transparency. By making yourself aware of the warning signs in the industry, you can confidently make the right choice and bring home a rug you truly love. 

At the Rug Merchant, you never have to worry about receiving quality products. When you invest in one of our rugs, you are investing in longevity and style. We have been serving the Evansville tri-state for 50+ years, and we plan to be here for many more to help you make the best decisions for your home! Come visit us today to shop our beautiful and high-quality inventory. And ask your friends about their experiences. Chances are someone you know has purchased rugs with us over the years. We can’t wait to work with you!